The School Year Begins…

And so does this blog. I’ve been a librarian for 2 years now, and as an instruction librarian I’ve written a lot of lesson plans, created worksheets, assembled LibGuides, and participated in professional conferences. I enjoy chatting with other librarians about what’s worked and what hasn’t in my classroom, and hearing about their experiences in information literacy instruction. Many times this conversation circles around to ways of sharing each others’ lesson plans and learning objects, but even within professional organizations it seems hard to get these projects off the ground.

So I decided to go the grassroots, self-publishing route and share my ideas–the theory and the practice–with those who are interested. But this blog comes with a little lagniappe. As I post about pedagogy in libraries and my experiences in the classroom, I’ll also include lesson plans and learning objects that my readers can adopt and adapt in their own instruction efforts. I hope this will help librarians looking for instruction ideas, and inspire others to share their creations and enhance information literacy instruction in libraries.


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