Sociological Images Course Guides

In addition to sharing my own lesson plans and teaching experiences, Library Instruction Lagniappe seems like a good place to share links to other instruction resources I find.  So while I’m working on my next post, here’s an online resource you might find useful:

SocImages Course Guides.

If you’re not familiar with it, Sociological Images is a great site whose authors use imagery as a starting point for analysis and discussion of sociological issues.  It’s great reading in its own right, but also a great resource for classroom instructors.  The Course Guides are an effort to compile posts into categories typical of course offerings in sociology, and thereby help sociology faculty in adopting them in their teaching.

Librarians will find these useful as well.  When looking for new ways to engage my social sciences students in the research process, I often look to what kinds of hands-on instruction the faculty are using in their classrooms.  The journal Teaching Sociology is another great resource for this, and was extremely useful while designing the content analysis lesson plan described in my last post.  The authors of SocImages and Teaching Sociology are sociologists, so naturally they take the disciplinary content–sociological theory, topics, and methodology–as their starting point.  When I read these, I try to look past the content itself and think about the research skills students need to fully grasp the lesson, the library collections that could be used to pull it off, and the assumptions faculty (subject experts) might make about what their students (subject novices) already know.  With that in mind, I try to provide the materials and pedagogical support to make teaching and learning as successful as possible for students and instructors alike.

Speaking of experts and novices, that’s what I’m working on for the next post, so stay tuned for some thoughts on pedagogy.


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