Experiments with a 3-credit Research Course

This semester I seized on an opportunity to teach a new, 3-credit course in our Honors Program. It’s called Quest for Answers: Intro to Research, and I joined two other adjunct professors to design the syllabus. Since the status of librarians is always a hot topic, I should say that I’m teaching this class as an adjunct, hired by the Honors Program. Librarians do not have faculty status at Tulane, and the library cannot offer its own credit-bearing courses. However, my department saw the value in my contributing to this new course, and I have their permission and blessing to work on this in addition to my daily responsibilities.

I don’t think my teaching comrades would argue with me that the course content is mostly my doing;  many of the concepts we’ll discuss and work with in class are at the heart of information literacy in higher ed. It’s also worth noting that the course is interdisciplinary, and is meant to serve students from across the liberal arts and sciences.

This blog has been a bit dormant lately, so this seems like a good venue in which to reflect upon the course as it unfolds. I’ve also been asked to share my syllabus, which I’m happy to do, and this seems like an efficient way to disseminate it.

So please find attached my syllabus for COLQ 2010, the honors colloquium course I’m teaching this fall:



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