ACRL’s Proposed Framework for Information Literacy: A View from the Disciplines

I’m feeling a bit behind the times on this, but I held off on posting about ACRL’s proposed Framework for Information Literacy. I promised to contribute a column on the Framework to ANSS Currents, the newsletter of the Anthropology & Sociology Section of ACRL, and didn’t want to preempt that with a blog post.

The spring 2014 issue of ANSS Currents has been released, and my thoughts on the new Framework from the perspective of subject liaison librarians begin on page 19. For a little context, the new Framework isĀ  intended to replace the existing ACRL information literacy standards, which were adopted in 2000. Since then, a myriad of subject-specific standards that have been developed, including standards for information literacy in anthropology and sociology, and it will be interesting to see what becomes of those should the new Framework be implemented. You’ll have to read the column in ANSS Currents for my initial thoughts on the matter.

Tomorrow I head off to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the LOEX 2014 conference, and I expect to have some great discussions on the new Framework and the future of information literacy efforts in academic libraries. I’m also presenting on my work with students using primary sources, so it’s going to be a weekend full of library awesomeness.